Your First Visit with a Myotherapist

Your First Visit with a Myotherapist

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Your First Visit with a Myotherapist

You don’t need to live with chronic muscle pain. From your very first visit, Integrated Myotherapy aims to have you moving at your best.

Unlike other methods of therapy, our myotherapy treatments take a manual and holistic approach that doesn’t stop at merely treating the site of the pain.

Quite often, chronic muscle pain is actually a symptom of a deeper dysfunction elsewhere in the body. Practitioners call this “referred pain”.  That’s why treatments that simply target the pain site don’t always get down to the source of the problem and the pain returns.

The benefit of going to Integrated Myotherapy is that we have a long term view of muscle pain treatments. We aim to equip you with the ability to manage muscle pain holistically and independently, so you can move at your best now and into the future.

Our myotherapists go above and beyond to:

  • Alleviate muscle and fascia pain
  • Increase movement by relieving tension
  • Locate the source that is causing pain and dysfunction
  • Plan for prevention of further pain

In a 45-minute session, your Myotherapist will incorporate a 1-on-1, indepth assessment to tailor the treatment to your needs. Your myotherapy treatment will use a combination of evidence-based techniques such as, deep tissue massage, myofascial dry needling, cupping, therapeutic stretching, joint mobilisation and rehabilitation exercises to help you get back to your best.

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